Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse affects 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men during their lifetime. In England and Wales an average of 2 women each week, and 30 men each year, die in domestic abuse related incidents. Our team’s response to this issue includes:

  • Co-ordinating multi-agency work to respond to domestic abuse and reduce the risk to victims and children, including training and provision of a range of information aimed at victims and workers
  • Commissioning support services

People living with domestic abuse may be isolated and justifiably frightened and this may make it difficult for them to ask for support.

Many will have few opportunities to ask for help and so it is crucial that, when they do, they get the right response and the materials on this page should help with this. Practitioners may also wish to find out about training around domestic abuse – search for domestic abuse at or contact

For more information, to find services or a copy of the Domestic Abuse Handbook, visit our website:

Making a referral

To make a referral to one of our support services, please read the Guidance on Domestic Abuse referrals. The referral forms and related information are below:

1 DASH ric

2. NS MARAC referral form

3. Information sharing without consent form

4. Safety planning

5. DA drop in flyer

6. Domestic abuse leaflet



For all referrals to Gemini contact DAFFS 0800 694 9999

Friends and Family Guide

F&F guide

A guide for anyone who is concerned that they someone they know may be suffering domestic abuse. Includes signs to look for, ideas of what to say and contact numbers for support agencies.



Talking to Children and Young People about domestic violence and abuse – A guide for parents and carers


Safeguarding children and young people affected by domestic abuse

Safeguarding Children

A guide for anyone working with children who have lived with, or who are affected by, domestic abuse




This is not an excuse Posters

This is not an excuse

Download the ‘This is not an excuse’s posters here:

27868 Domestic abuse MR 1

27868 Domestic abuse MR 2

27868 Domestic abuse MR 3

27868 Domestic abuse MR